The thought of traveling through time has fascinated people and sparked imaginations from the earliest records kept by mankind.  Eziekial describes what may have been a form of time travel in Revelations when he describes what appears to be the twentieth century.  Science fiction writers have found time travel to be a popular topic beginning with H.G. Wells and his well known novel "The Time Machine". Unfortunately we all know that time travel just can not exist.  If people from our future traveled into their past (our present and our past) then why don't we know it, why don't we see them and why don't we find evidence of their having been here?

My question is; how do you know that they are not here now?  This is an interesting time in history. Future historians and anthropologists could be here now studying the occurrences that are a part of our lives. How would you know?  You could pass a time traveler on the sidewalk and never realize it.  He or she could be the quiet neighbor that lives next door, or the person you meet at a party that seems unusually interested in your views on current events or rock music or the Internet or almost anything else.  The point is, you won't know.

What about evidence?  How could time travelers visit the past and never leave any accidental evidence that they were there?  Good question.  The fact is, the evidence just may exist.  Take a look at the following photos.  What do you think? ...Maybe?.......Just maybe?

Fossilized Footprint?

This fossil was discovered in 1968 near Antelope Spring Utah by Mr. William J. Meister. It appears to be a fossilized boot or sandal print. What makes this fossil even more unusual is the trilobite fossil in the "heel" part of the print.

The wearer evidently stepped on and crushed
a living trilobite!

The photo above shows a trilobite fossil imbeded in
the heel of what appears to be a boot or sandal print


Let us take a closer look.  The center photo of the three pictures below shows the location of the two halves of the trilobite fossil.  The upper and lower photos are enlargements of the trilobite fossil.

Enlargement of the upper half of the trilobite fossil


Enlargement of the lower half of the trilobite fossil


Trilobites died out over 280 million years ago.  Who was making boot or sandal prints millions years before the foot evolved?  Nobody has been able to satisfactorily describe the find as anything other than what it appears to be, namely:

A footprint that predates mankind by 300 to 600 million years.


Is it possible that time travelers from our future have visited our very distant past and left footprints?  Is this one of them?  Some might argue that it could be evidence of an alien visit.  Maybe, but I doubt it.  It already seems impossible that a footprint could exist at all during that time period in our planet's history.  To argue a life form that evolved on another planet, perhaps in another star system, would wear a size 10 1/2-E shoe is pushing the limits of credibility too far.




Fossilized human foot prints and dinosaur prints in the same rock

Disscussions regarding the feasability of time travel

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