California Ghost

How can a new home be haunted?  It is not built on an old graveyard or Indian burial ground.  Nothing seems to have happened on the land that can account for a ghost in the house, but it is there none the less.  How do I know?  Easy, I lived there.  The story of the home in Chino Hills California is in work.  Come back soon and get all of the details.

Haunted House, San Diego

We visited the Whaley House in San Diego on August 28, 1999.  The Whaley House is one of only two
buildings recognized as haunted by the U. S. government (The U. S. Department of Commerce).  A
complete story about what is claimed to be the most haunted house in California will be posted soon

The Haunted Library in Minnesota

We will be leaving for Minneapolis, Minnesota on September 7, 1999.  While there we will document a strange and ghostly occurrence that happened in a public library.  We will take some photos of the scene.

Future Stories

Is a restaurant in Oceanside, California visited by more than the local residents and travelers from the nearby freeway?  Are unexpected visitors stopping in from the “otherside”?  Was it built on an old graveyard?

A haunted duplex in Century City, California that is only a block from Wilshire Boulevard and sits in the shadow of modern high-rise buildings.

This page is under construction. In the future, it will contain interesting TRUE GHOST STORIES and PHOTOS. Everyone is welcome to submit an addition to the site, just e-mail your submission to:

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