The Moon Monolith

For unknown ages it was there.  Jutting up from the surface of the moon, it stood like a silent sentential in a flat plain far from any mountains or hills.  For countless risings and settings of the sun, its monolithic shadow crept across the lunar dust ponderously marking the passage of ages.

How did it get there?

What is it?

Is it an artifact

Who built it?  Why?

What is its purpose?

Photograph of the moon monolith.    In the middle picture it is enlarged.   The right photo is gamma and blue enhanced to show structure

What is the object in these photos?  It certainly does not look like a natural outcropping.  It is not a glitch in the film because it is casting a shadow.

What is it?

We have been taught that the moon is an airless, inhospitable, deserted world.  No life has ever been there, not even for a visit, not until our astronauts first landed there just a few decades ago.  It is claimed that this photograph was taken by Lunar Orbiter III in 1967 (Frame Number LO-III-84M).  If so, how did that mysterious spire get there?  Where did it come from?  Is it natural?  Is it an artifact? Is it outgassing of some sort?

That it natural is doubtful.  The objecrt is one and a half miles (approximately 2.4 KM) high.  There is no erosion agents on the moon to account for such a structure.  Outgassing is also unlikely.  The edges are too defined and outgasing would have spread more in rising to such a height in a vaccume.

Could it be a construction of some sort?

Could other visitors have left this monument in the distant past?  Could visitors from another world have placed this structure on the moon?  Could visitors from a long lost and forgotten Earth civilization have walked the face of the moon untold millennia ago.

Is this strange shard a record of their past presence?

The picture is supposedly genuine.

Is it?  Could it be a hoax?

Is it a fake?

 If you believe that it is a hoax, then explain the next photo.


Moon Base?

The moon traveling in its endless path around the blue planet Earth was unaware of the approaching spacecraft.  The lifeless planet was incapable of caring that it was the craft's specific target nor did the moon care that a life form from another planet had sent the ship.  The spaceship however had a rudimentary intelligence.  It knew it was on a military mission and it had a job to do.  Retrorockets firing, the craft braked and swung into orbit around the desolate satellite.  Dormant electronic systems sprang to life.  Cameras powered up and their cold lifeless lenses began scanning the alien surface below.  Onboard transmitters greedily sucked up the data streaming from the cameras and hurled it across the vastness of space.   Far away, in a dimly lit room, prying eyes watched intently as the images began arriving.  The tension in the room was intense, then, almost as one, the watchers leaped up with a shout of triumph!  The US Navy's Clementine satellite had successfully gone into orbit around the moon and the personnel in the mission control room were jubilant.

As Clementine continued its mission, mapping the surface of the moon, thousands of frames were sent back to Earth for study.  There were many interesting features and some were, to say the least, strange.  Below is one of the Clementine satellite photographs.

What is that rectangular feature in the middle of the photo?

Clementine satellite photograph of the Moon's surface

Below are enlargements of the Clementine photo.  The object appears to have structure.  The corners are exactly ninety degrees (right angles).  Right angles, as depicted, do not occur naturally, but there they are.  Measure them for yourself.  Try laying the factory cut corner of a sheet of paper over the object's corners in one of the photos.  It will line up precisely.

Enlargement of the Clementine photographs.                                             Same enlargement gamma and blue enhanced

Judging from meteorite damage, the structure (if it is, in fact, a structure) is incredibly old.  It is also very large.  The long sides are approximately 40 kilometers in length.  If natural, how was it formed?  If it is not natural, who built it?  When?  Why?  What is its purpose?  Is it a fortress? Is it the remains of a mining operation?  Is it a landing site, a spaceport?

What do YOU think?

If you would like to see the original photograph for yourself go to

Set resolution to 1 pixel=1 kilometer.
Set latitude to -2, longitude to 311
Important, set your monitor to its brightest screen setting.

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