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The Phoenix Lights

In March of 1997, starting at around 8:30 pm, there were sightings of a group of lights over the city of Phoenix, Arizona.  Thousands of people saw the lights and they were photographed by several individuals and from several different locations.  The event has become known as THE PHOENIX LIGHTS.  Witnesses claim that the lights were attached to a single very large triangular or wing shaped object.   Although the mysterious lights are generally called the Phoenix Lights, the first sighting actually took place at 8:10 PM nearly a 100 miles north of Phoenix near Chino Valley, Arizona.  The sightings then tracked an object that was flying in a south and slightly easterly direction.

8:10 PM, five white lights in a "V" formation were witnessed by Ross Nickle and his family.

8:30 PM, the second sighting was by an airline pilot who, for career reasons prefers to remain anonymous.   He and his wife saw the lights about 90 miles south of the Nickle sighting.

 8:35 PM, the lights were again seen.  This time they were about 14 miles south east of Phoenix.  They were observed by Ozma Linderman and her boyfriend as he was leaving her apartment.

At 8:45 PM, and about 80 miles south of Ms Linderman's location the lights were again spotted.  The witness was truck driver Gary Morris.  He saw the lights as he was driving on Highway 89 a few miles north of Tucson, Arizona.  This time there were seven white lights arranged in a "V" formation.

At 10:00 PM, Michael Krzysten videotaped seven white lights in a "V" formation over the city of Phoenix.  Stills from his tape presented further down this page.

As usual, the official explanations made less sense than the sightings.

The first official response was that lights were flares dropped over nearby Luke Force Base.

Later the explanation was changed; the lights were several A-10 planes flying in formation. This explanation fell apart because the lights remained stationary for a time.  A-10s can not hover.  Additionally, the radar record of the time showed no such planes and a check at the near by A-10 base determined that there were no A-10s in the area at the time.

Another explanation was that the lights were helicopters from a nearby base.  This doesn't make sense because the lights remained over the city for sometime, were witnessed by thousands of residents and nobody heard a sound.  If you have ever seen a number of helicopters flying in formation, you will know that they make A LOT of noise.

The above image is gamma enhanced

Another individual, a Doctor whom preferrs to remain anonymous, took these photos from a greater distance.

                    The image in the square is enlarged to the right

The above photo is from another angle.  Notice the hill in the foreground

Above is the KRZYSTON photo.  It is gamma enhanced for a better view of the hill in the foreground (you may want to turn up the brightness on your monitor).  On the right is a daylight photo from approximately the same position for comparison.  Note that although the images do not exactly line up, it is still obvious that the objects are between the viewer and the mountains in the background.  That would place them over the city.


This image is just one of literally hundreds of photographs and video tapes that were taken by various individuals during the 1997 Mexico City UFO "Flap".

 This still is from a video.
On the tape, the UFO continued moving to the right and passed behind the high-rise building in the foreground.

The sightings were not limited to the more or less typical disk shown.  Photos and videotapes were also made of the "Plasma" type of UFO.  Although the flap continued for weeks, it was not covered in the US press.

The best explanation that officialdom has come up with is that it is a fake UFO hanging from a helicopter.  The official explanation doesn't hold up under scrutiny.  Viewing the tape immediately shows that the UFO does not exhibit any of the pendulum and tilting motions that would be evidenced if it were  "hanging from a string" so to speak.  Multiple helicopters holding up the disk would not completely eliminate the pendulum action and tilt either.  We also need to consider who would finance such a hoax.   Helicopters are very expensive to charter.   Even small helicopters rent for over one hundred dollars an hour.  The size of the object precludes a small chopper.  It is very large and would require a large craft or multiple smaller craft to support it.  Furthermore, we are to believe that (1) nobody saw the helicopter(s) or heard it (them) or (2) we must believe that an entire city with a population of over one million is in on the hoax.  Also, this was not the only UFO seen during the "flap".  There were numerous sightings.

Last, but certainly not least, no official explanation has addressed the "plasma ships".  I know of no way to produce their appearance or maneuvering capability.

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