Airline Pilot Report

At 8:30 pm, an airline pilot and his wife were in their car about 14 miles north of Phoenix.  They saw a formation of five white lights flying in a "V" formation.  Each light was shining brightly stright down.  They resembled landing lights on a plane.  He began trying to figure out what they were.  He stated that "I have beeen flying for 29 years and I am not used to seeing anything in the sky that I cannot identify."  At first he thought it might be Air Force fighters flying in formation, but he discarded that idea because they were flying too slow.  He then realized that aircraft would not be flying with their landing lights pointing stright down anyhow.  They were not helicopters with searchlights pointing downward because they made no noise.  They were not flares.  He stated that "I have seen flares both from the air and from the ground.  These were not flares."

They both watched as the formation of lights passed silently by and continued on in a south easterly direction toward Phoenix.

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