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 Hi, my name is Ashley.  I hope we can get to know each other better.  On the following pages, I will tell  you more about me and you will get to meet some of my friends.

I am the BLONDE in the middle (NO BLONDE JOKES Pleeease).
My Very Best friend Heather is on the left wearing a blue boa.
The others want to remain mysterious, but they answer to
Meagan, Mel and Megan

Find out what it is like where I live in the
Sierra Mountains of California.
The Lake Arrowhead Live Cam is at The Village near my home.    Heather and I go there alot, so look close, you might see us!

Heather, my best friend, and I will tell you what we do on a typical day.  You can also find out about the High School that we go to.  Go to

Life with Ashley