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Do you believe in GHOSTS? 

     This location has had many strange events happen, so when my sister invited me to go along and check out this house, I couldnt refuse!!

     The place is an old fort dated back to the 1800s. The owners wish the location to remain anonymous to keep anymore living and unliving guest from showing up. During the time we were looking at it, it was going thru a major renovation. As you could see in the pictures they were in the middle of turning this old fort into office space. Was something there that didnt want them to? Well, we went in armed with a camera and a small tape recorder to see what we could find. While going thru the place we did not talk to each other in order to keep us off the tape,and we used flashlights to see our way thru. Did we get something? Why yes!!

     Lets start with the pictures. Here are two pictures of the outside of the building and several of the inside. The two outside pictures are the questionable ones. Looking at the window with the three little orange orbs,you will notice what I thought to be a reflection off of the window. I knew that it wasn't a internal source of light because we used just flashlights to go thru the structure. If you look at the blown up sections of this window you will notice that the glowing orbs are between the camera and the window's frame. The one to the left is almost sitting off the window frame! As if that wasnt bad enough (Glowing Orbs), when we reviewed the audio tapes we also got a few surprises.

     Listen to the wave files, some of them are pretty obvious. Some of them will take a little listening to, to get what they are saying. There also was this constant finger clicking type sound that we would hear like they were trying to get our attention. My sister at this time is going thru the rest of the tapes so we should hopefully have even more audio for the site soon. While listening to audio portions, if you happen to hear something different than we did please write me at the address below.

     I would love to post your findings. Also, if you have strange pictures or audio of your own, send it to the web address below, so we can get your name up here along with all of your findings!

Do you believe in GHOSTS?
The Photos
g1_th.jpg (9780 bytes) g1z_th.jpg (8611 bytes)
1800's Fort Zoom of pic 1
g2_th.jpg (10279 bytes) g2z_th.jpg (9083 bytes)
1800's Fort Zoom of pic 2
g3_th.jpg (9382 bytes) g5_th.jpg (9120 bytes)
Armory (basement)
Jail (basement)
The Sounds
Make Love Boooop! oooffff
Shut the light off Catch me if you can Noise Unnatural
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